Building Companies London

In this article we will be talking about the most popular building companies in the city of London. These companies will all be larger companies that operate across London.

Building Companies London
One of the most well-known construction companies in London is The London Building Company. With a company name like that, you are sure to attract a lot of customers. The London Building Company is a company that specialises in building brand new dream homes for people and also maintaining currently existing ones. They have a near-perfect rating of 9.8 stars on check a trade. This company is currently one of the leading building companies in London.
Another popular building company in London is Kier Group. Kier Group is actually currently one of the top-rated contracting companies in London. They are ranked at number 3 by profit in the top 100 contracting companies’ list. Kier Group specialise in all aspects of construction, which is likely what makes them such a popular company in London. They cover everything from new builds to asbestos removal. They also maintain highways and conduct a lot of roadworks.
The final building company in this list is Carillion. Carillion are ranked at number 1 by profit in the top 100 contractors’ list. Carillion also cover many aspects of construction. They made a revenue of £4.3 billion in 2015. They have done many jobs from skyscrapers to football stadiums. This is a public limited company that thrives to be the best.

Building Companies London – Conclusion

So there are just a few of the many building companies in London From small companies to large publicly owned companies, London has a huge number of different businesses trying to do their best when it comes to great construction work.